‘If you can play PUBG, why not chess?’ National Chess Academy will open soon

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new Delhi:

On the lines of cricket, now the Chess Federation of India is talking about organizing the Chess Premier League. The new President of the Indian Chess Federation, Dr. Sanjay Kapoor is making new plans for this game in India. He says that in the era of Corona, the sales of Chess Board in India increased 500 times last year. He is also talking to the Union Education Minister to include Chess in the curriculum in government schools of India. He believes that if the young generation of India is interested in online games, then they would definitely like to play this game too. Dr. Sanjay Kapoor, the new President of the Indian Chess Association, threw light on his plans in a special talk with NDTV correspondent Vimal Mohan.

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Question: Why have you suddenly got high hopes from chess in India?
Sanjay KapoorR: Look, Indian chess may not have been thought of or done before, but we think there is a lot of potential in this game in India. Other sports may have suffered losses during the Corona epidemic, but the sales of chess boards increased by almost 500 times. India’s young generation plays e-games. Makes great use of the Internet. If children can play a game like ‘Pubg’ then why can’t they play chess.

Question: What are the new plans for Chase?
Sanjay Kapoor: We want India to top the world in this sport. For this we have to include it in the curriculum of all schools. We are also talking to Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank ji about this. Not only this, we have also made plans for National Chess Academy on the lines of National Cricket Academy. We have also talked to many states about this.

Question: Don’t you think the popularity of this game is a big challenge…
Sanjay Kapoor: I believe the media has a big role to play in this. We are also talking about CPL i.e. Chess Premier League on the lines of IPL very soon. We have also talked to some of the sponsors. Soon we will tell you about this in detail. Look, there are more than 60 Grand Masters of this game in India, about 125 International Masters, 20 Women Grandmasters, 42 Women International Masters and more than 33000 rated players. They all have to be given their credit. This game has to be taken to the top. It is not a glamorous sport but the importance of this sport is not less.

Question: What Viswanathan Anand or other Grandmasters are saying about this..
Sanjay Kapoor: All the greats like Super Grandmaster Vishwanathan Anand, Grandmaster Koneru Humpy have high hopes from us. We hope that we will live up to their criteria and this game will soon achieve a different place in the world through India.