Kohli’s chutzpah – Sourav’s ‘exceeding the crease’ and BCCI stumped…?

Talking to a sports reporter of a leading news channel, when asked about the source, he hurriedly said, “There is a newspaper printed from the source, we have also pasted it…” In such a situation, the news is from this source to that source. , from that thread another channel, another newspaper and then like a flame of flames rise above the buildings, and the threads are burnt to ashes in this. Despite this, the threads will live on forever. Whether they are real or imaginary, because without them there would be no ‘journalistic life’. By the way, Virat did not react to the news of these sources. Kohli has hit back at the ‘boss’ statement, but he could have handled it better, and the same applies to Ganguly.


The question is, how can intellectuals, Virat or any person of this level forget or ignore the BCCI’s tradition (same captain in white-ball format) for years? Was he in a rut? Was he hoping to change the old tradition in the face of his great stature? When Virat had announced to quit the captaincy of this format after the competition, even before the T20 World Cup, could he not read ‘clearly on the wall’ (considering tradition) that he should now Will have to leave and is his departure or departure from the ODI captaincy just a formality? Did Virat not see it, or did he consciously ignore it? It does not seem at all that the sentence that was being seen by all the former veterans and the media of the country, which was clearly written on the wall, was not visible to them.

Wasn’t Virat’s insistence on not giving up the one-day captaincy because doing so would have affected his annual earnings and brand value? Didn’t Virat in a way challenge the BCCI to change the tradition of a captain in white-ball for him, or show him away? Did Virat not know this? The conditions knew, because certainly Virat is not exactly the Mohammad Azharuddin of the ’90s, who even when asked questions about the ‘North’ of journalists answered about the ‘South’, shrugging “You know, you know.” “Saying go away.

In fact Virat compelled BCCI to take the right decision (same captain in white-ball) by mulling / under the wrong stubbornness / by not taking the decision on time. The BCCI maintained the tradition for years, and when the board took the decision, there was complete silence at Virat’s house. Virat could not digest the decision of BCCI that how the board could finally take such a decision against him. After all how? He is Virat Kohli! Kohli presented himself so clearly in the press conference, as if it was not his fault at all. but it’s not like that? What is it really? Everything was clearly visible… and then if the selectors informed Virat about his removal from the one-day captaincy (say) 15 minutes before the end of the meeting, what was wrong?


It would have been wrong if they had not been informed about it earlier. The truth is that its slang has been brewing within (some players complaining, a section of the board insisting on making Rohit Sharma the captain, etc.) for a very long time. Was it that Virat himself did not believe (according to sources it is so) that he would remain the one-day captain till 2023? If he had agreed, then the question is, how can he think or believe so? How can BCCI take the risk of its impact on the team and its future by accepting their wrong stubbornness or point of view? The prerogative of who will be the captain, who will not, rests with the five-member national selection committee. Or instead of telling him 15 minutes earlier, Virat was hoping to bid himself farewell by garlanding himself.

Know the answer to this question whether Ganguly had personally requested Virat not to leave the captaincy of T20 or not, but BCCI’s decision to remove him from the captaincy of One-Day is according to tradition, due to more problems. It was absolutely right to escape. But the only mistake was that the ball which Chief Selector Chetan Sharma had to face, President Ganguly liked to play (statement in the media). And it was not even needed, because this thing should not have come in the media. And when it came, the matter has gone so far that today BCCI office-bearers are taking advice from experts to save the prestige of their President’s office. If only! Board officials would also seek advice on when and how much the board chairman should ‘get out of the crease’, because when any chairman goes beyond the crease, such pictures will keep appearing.

Be it inside or outside the field, Sourav has always loved hitting long sixes using the steps. He likes it very much and he enjoys it. He also loves being on camera and being in the media spotlight, but sometimes Dada goes too far out of the ‘crease’! Even in the Guru Greg Chappell controversy, Sourav was stumped trying to blow the ‘ball’ too far out of the crease! Rarely has any captain in Indian cricket history gone through so much humiliation and pain that Dada went through! But even after becoming the boss of BCCI, it seems that Sourav did not take a lesson from history. Sourav has been doing the same thing even now. Here Justices omit Lodha’s constitution and the ‘conflict of interest’ (conflict of interest). Apart from this, it seems that Saurav is everywhere from the ground to the sky! Why is it that Sourav issues every level statement from breaking of glass in BCCI office! What is the reason that till date the media does not know what is the texture of the voice of Secretary Jai Shah?


Can’t remember when was the last time Indian selectors took questions from the eyes of journalists? The e-mail culture has already hurt this tradition a lot and even if there is some left, it is being deliberately destroyed. Isn’t the Chief Selector with an annual salary of more than Rs. Crores not intelligent enough/backbones or linguists to face the questions of journalists? It doesn’t seem like they have the temper of it. Forget the common fans, journalists also have to put a lot of stress on their mind to remember the names of the selectors.

It seems, all the committees-sub-committees are just on paper and for show. The biggest problem is that Sourav Ganguly wants to play all the balls himself and does not want to give strike to the ‘rest of the batsmen’ even though they have rights. Why? Why is he (contrary to tradition) attending (almost) every meeting of the selection committee despite being the BCCI president? Isn’t it that he wants to run a single system? In fact the examples are many. Wasn’t there a BCCI President before this? It is clear that the BCCI was more transparent and democratic than cricketer Ganguly when Justice Lodha used to run the leader before the constitution, but the situation has only worsened even after a cricketer became an administrative officer.

On the whole, the unfortunate situation that has arisen in the Virat-Sourav case has put the honor of two posts at stake. Not only is the respect of a particular individual at stake here, above that there is also the honor of BCCI, its President and the post of Indian captain. In this way, for the first time the clash of personalities of this level has been seen. And in this some losers, some win, the place will be of Indian cricket. And it is happening before. Here only BCCI will have to show wisdom. Officials are busy taking advice from experts. It remains to be seen how the board puts soil on this episode while saving the honor of Virat, not only its own, and how it ensures that such controversies do not happen in future. The board has to ensure that there are no controversies like Ambati Rayudu and Anil Kumble. The board will have to ensure that VVS in the press conference at the time of retirement. There should be no tears in the eyes of giants like Lakshmana etc. In fact BCCI needs to change its ‘walk and talk’ from many aspects, not just one. The coming few months are going to be very interesting, TRP wise!

Manish Sharma is the Deputy News Editor at NDTV.in.

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