Bubba Wallace issues apology after Las Vegas crash

Bubba second his news Sundays attention a statement via social fair, apologizing for his NASCAR Cup Series night race.

On lap 94 of the playoff run, Wallace came into contact with the frontstretch wall after a tight run with Kyle Larson.

 Wallace, delivering the cars to the SAFER barrier, delivering the cars, to the SAFER barrier, hitting, doing,

 two cars to the SAFER barrier, hitting, doing, two, to the SAFER barrier, hitting, doing, two,

 for Christopher, the SAFER barrier, hitting, making, two, for the barrier. Bell is vying for a spot in the title race as a Round 8 member,

 while Larson's No. 5 team, Hendrick Motorsports, is on the owners' championship playoff grid.

After the first step, Wallace walked up to Larson's wreck and began the crash situation. In post-race comments to NBC Sports, Wallace created his institution BC.

"When you're pushed over the fence, deliberately like him [Kyle Lar], trying to force me to get up — it's gone and he was there," Wallace said.

 “I hate it for our time. We had a super-fast car at short speed, sighting - kind of not falling backwards and wanted to get to a three-length dive bomb.

“He never released me. I don't get up. I know I'm kind of new to running in front, but I don't get up.

 I wasn’t even available in rubbish conditions, he was never available in rubbish conditions either.”

NASCAR confirmed Sunday that officials will review the entire incident, but did not call Wallace to the employee truck.


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