"We have a good shot at Darlington," claims Kyle Busch ahead of NASCAR Cook Out Southern 400

Kyle Busch's career made him get fans who adore him globally, and this weekend fans of South Carolina will get 

the chance to see him doing a miracle at Darlington.

 The 'Too Sound to Tame' track marks the first place for the 2022 Cup series playoff, which will see 36 drivers on its track.

 Nascar noted 15 winners in the regular season, which means there was only one slot for points driver, which was taken by Ryan Blaney.

The Toyota Camry #18 M & M driver will arrive at "The Lady In Black" with the 10th finish which he made sure last weekend in Daytona,

 marking the last regular season race. Heading to Darlington, Busch feels he has the opportunity on this track,

 and that might be a good opportunity to turn the season.

This will mark their second visit to 'The Lady in Black' this season.

 During his last visit on May 8, Kyle Busch controversially ended the day after leaving the Toyota #18 at Pit Road after he was destroyed,

 recorded the third DNF this season. During the event, he had racing control at several points, leading with 18 rounds.

He hopes everything will run differently this time. Speaking to the media earlier this week, Busch said:

"We have a good speed with our Toyota group on the one and a half mile track and 2 miles. 

We are good in those places. Under one mile, we have struggled a little, and our road courses are also a little difficult. "

He added, saying:

"Want to think we have a good chance at Darlington this weekend. We ran in the last four times there,

 and a car in front of us blew tires and fell, and we were trapped in that. So there is no need for all that this time. "

The second winner of the series trophy is one of the drivers who secured their slot during the initial stages of the 

season after winning the Bristol Dirt race on April 17. After getting a place in the 16-Driver field,

 Kyle Busch's new task is to become a fourth place, where he will have a better position to fight for the 2022 championship at the end of the season.


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