Could Bubba Wallace Be Arrested? NASCAR Fans Call for Charges

NASCAR fans are urging Bubba Wallace to face criminal charges after a feud with Kyle Larson at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Sunday.

The drivers had an encounter on the track, in which Wallace was knocked into the outer wall by Larsen on lap 95, 

before driving down the track and crashing into the right rear of Larsen's Chevrolet.

The impact sent both cars spinning, with playoff driver Christopher Bell being caught in the crash, also out of the race.

With the race slowing down, Wallace got out of his car and headed towards Larson, who had gotten out of his damaged vehicle.

Wallace then began yelling at Larson and pushing him as the fight threatened to get too ugly before the commissioners could intervene.

Speaking after the accident, Wallace was convinced that it was Larson's "poor driving" that caused the incident and that he had every right to express his feelings.

Wallace said: "When you get pushed into the fence, deliberately trying to force me to get up like he (Larson) did - the steering was gone and there he was.

"I hate it for our team. We had a super fast car - not at short race pace, we were falling from behind and Larson wanted to make it a three-width dip bomb. He never released me .

"I know I'm new to front running, but I don't get up. I wasn't even in a position to get up, he never even got up and now we're shit. Execution."

Wallace then told NBC about the physical confrontation with Larson: "He [Larson] knows. He knows what he did was wrong.

 He wanted to question what I was doing, and he never told me Not released. I hate it for our team.

"Our Toyota Camry McDonald's was super solid - just a little need to find the span and get the balance where we needed it.

 It would have been like Kansas and now the car is junk."

Wallace has since apologized to Larson and others in a statement posted to social media.

He wrote, "I race with extreme passion, and with passion sometimes comes frustration. Upon reflection, 

I should have been a better representation of the values ​​of my colleagues and the core team had my frustration kicked me out of the car." 

You live and learn, and I intend to learn from it."I want to apologize to Christopher Bell, Joe Gibbs Racing and NASCAR with Toyota 

and the fans for putting them in the playoff position they don't deserve."


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