"Can’t spell Wallace without W" - 

Fans have mixed reactions to Bubba Wallace Jr.'s apology over Kyle Larson incident

Polarized numbers and action are often considered the best entertainment in sports,

 and Bubba Wallace Jr. certainly gave NASCAR Cup Series fans something to talk about this past weekend.

 In the first round of this season's round of 16, the Mobile, Alabama native had a great start at the South Point 400, 

leading several laps and winning the first leg of the 267-lap event.

As they battled for a position with Hendrick Motorsport's Kyle Larson during the second leg,

 the weekend unfolded for Wallace Jr. The pair were seen involved in a track incident that led to retaliation 

from the driver of the #45 McDonald's Toyota Camry TRD in the form of a hook on Larson's right rear panel.

 Both drivers withdrew from the contest and a frustrated Bubba Wallace Jr.

 was later seen pushing and shoving the native of Elk Grove, California.

Since the fight took place, polarized opinions have emerged about what should be done in the sport in relation to on-track retaliation on social media.

 Amidst all this, the 23XI Racing driver publicly apologized on his official Twitter account, to which there were also mixed reactions.

Check out some of the fan reactions:

"Can’t spell Wallace without W"

"Can’t spell it without two L’s either"

"WhAT BuBba DiD wAs REcKleSs…. yet this was so celebrated lol"
Alex Bednarz

"Live and learn man, takes a lot to apologize and this is a good start just keep the emotions in check and you’ll do great things"James@JAG_Eracer

"I guess McDonald's wasn't lovin it"

"Remember that time you tried to fake a hate crime lmao"
Mostly Peaceful Memes


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