Here's how NASCAR defeated F1 last weekend

Not every weekend NASCAR and F1 race events coincide with each other in the same country and at nearly the same time.

 Last weekend's Dixie Vodka 400 and the US Grand Prix, however, saw both styles of motorsport live at the same time in the United States.

NASCAR and stock car racing, as a genre of motorsport, have been under constant pressure to reinvent 

the wheel with their formats as viewership continues to decline since the early 2010s. 

However, last weekend's comparison painted an interesting picture of the face-to-face of both styles of motorsport, which may be the most similar form of comparison.

The highest echelons of motorsport in the world have also enjoyed their resurgence in the US, 

thanks to Drive to Survive, with F1 growing in almost every part of the world.

 With drivers from the open-wheeled series going head-to-head in the Lone Star State last weekend, 

NASCAR managed to outpace the Liberty Media-owned franchise, at least in terms of television ratings in the country.

This year's Cup Series race in Miami garnered 1.42 ratings with 2.311 million viewers,

 while F1 could only manage 0.64 ratings and 1.113 million spectators. 

However, F1 viewership included pre-race shows and celebrations, which, like NASCAR itself, 

undermined the actual figures representative of the race. If compared to their numbers from last year, 

the game has seen a slight increase in viewership, from 2.11 million for last year's Cup Series 

race in Kansas, to 1.2 million at the 2021 US Grand Prix. The score was

However, the determining factor in ratings and viewership comes both in the form of the game's reach to audiences around the world. 

While F1 tours many countries around the world with fans on every continent, stock car racing is concentrated in the United States for the most part. 

This is in no way going to take away from the fact that contrary to popular belief, the numbers for the game are increasing.


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