Kelly Ripa FaceTimes with daughter Lola as TV star promotes new book

Kelly Ripa may be one happy empty Nestor right now, but that doesn't mean she won't jump at the chance to spend time with her kids, even if it's on FaceTime.

Kelly and her husband Mark Consuelos' daughter Lola called her mom and their dog Lena on Friday, 

and Kelly quickly snapped some screenshots of the call to share with fans.

Lola was wearing a salmon pink blazer and her brown locks were loose around her shoulders for the call, 

although she was clearly more interested in talking to Lena when her face lit up when the dog darted across her frame. logging in.

Kelly is incredibly close to Lola and her other children, Joaquin and Michael, 

but she recently opened up about her daughter's reaction to reading excerpts from her mother's first book, Live Wire.

Kelly Live! But describes the drama that took place during the early years of her work, 

and her daughter is shocked to learn why her mother had not just left.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Kelly said: "My daughter actually said 'Why? Why didn't you leave?' And I said, 'Because we don't give up when the going gets tough.' 

[Most] people don't have the option of quitting when the going gets tough, and that's not how I was raised."

She continued, "That's not how I'm raising you. We don't leave just because things are tough, not because things don't feel right."

"So is work. That's why they don't call it a vacation. I don't say, 'I'm going on vacation.' I say: 'I am going to my work'".

Lola turned 21 in early 2022 and her milestone birthday was marked on an ABC daytime show featuring Kelly.

During the segment, proud mom Kelly revealed that Lola was ready to move abroad as part of her studies.

This would be Lola's first time living outside of New York, having grown up with her family on Manhattan's Upper East Side before moving to the borough of Brooklyn.


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