Kelly Ripa Responds To Kathie Lee Gifford Dissing Her Book: ‘Turning A Negative Into A Positive’

Kelly Ripa, 52, broke her silence concerning fellow TV host Kathie Lee Gifford's disapproval of her new memoir,

 Live Wire: Long-Winded Short Stories, for the duration of an look at the October 18 episode of Not Skinny But Not Fat. podcast.

 “It may be very tough to promote a ee-e book, is not it? And that is just like the 1/3 week of the ee-e book, right? 

And I mean, honestly, I'm now no longer going to lie, I wasn't analyzing any headlines anywhere. 

And all of a unexpected there are these kind of headlines and there may be all this interest on my ee-e book,” she recalled. 

“So I'm someone who has a tendency to take the poor and flip it right into a tremendous. So my remaining remark is, thanks."

"It's simply tough to attract interest to a ee-e book that is been out for more than one weeks and now it is week ,

 week  at the New York Times bestseller list," Live! With Kelly and Ryan the host endured. "It's like, thanks due to the fact

 I suppose those who examine the ee-e book can have a totally extraordinary view of the ee-e book."

The mom of 3 additionally cited that she thinks Kathie's opinion of her writing will extrade if she comes to a decision to examine it.

 "I suppose all of us who reads the ee-e book can have a very extraordinary opinion," Kelly explained.

On October 10, Kathie, 69, stated she could now no longer examine Live Wire: Long-Winded Short 

Stories due to Kelly's claims of an on-set electricity battle with Regis Philbin, the loved TV host who died in July. of 2020 on the age of 88. 

Kelly hosted Live! With Regis and Kelly for 10 years after taking Kathie's area in 2001.

 "I turned into so sorry to peer the headlines," Kathie's host instructed Fox 5's Rosanna Scotto for the duration of an interview. 

“You realize, you in no way realize what's proper and what isn't proper. I stated, 'I desire this is not proper.

 I simply desire it is not. Because what is the point? I do not get it I do not get it.

She later added: “I'm now no longer going to examine the ee-e book. I have not examine it. I do not even realize if it is out yet." 

She then praised Regis and raved approximately their near and trusting bond as co-workers. "I simply realize what Regis turned into to me, Rosanna," she pointed out. 

“He turned into the high-quality companion I should have professionally for 15 years. But he turned into my friend. 

We had been pricey buddies and when I left the show... for the following two decades we have become high-quality buddies. Dear buddies.


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