Kelly Ripa shows off impressive dance moves in black spandex

Kelly Ripa showed off major talent while dancing with girlfriends in black spandex and a crop top.

She shared the latest expression of her creativity on her Instagram stories after a friend posted it on her personal page.

The clip featured Kelly and two girlfriends in a dance studio as the women busted out a move in black and white footage.

The women danced in a choreographed routine that included skins, jumps and lots of hand movements.

The women strode every step in unison in an energetic dance and it looked like they were having a great time.

While the dance studio has distinctive windows and mirrors, a disco ball was also hung on the dance floor.

Kelly wore a sleeveless crop top with black spandex, and her blonde locks were pulled back into a ponytail, 

allowing her to move freely.Kelly is busy promoting her new book, Live Wire.

She has also supported her son, Joaquin along with her husband, Mark Consuelos while attending wrestling tournaments at the University of Michigan.

And Kelly's efforts have clearly paid off.
His book earned him a spot on the New York Times bestseller list as he continues to garner literature.

 As a bonus, his son took top ten honors with his wrestling team.

She revealed both the achievements on her social media and received a lot of praise and likes for the news.

Kelly Ripa has enjoyed a respectable two weeks on the NYT bestseller list, and she revealed the news to her 3.3 million followers on her Instagram.

In a caption accompanying the post, Kelly said she felt self-doubt about the book's release.

Although that suspicion was clearly unfounded, he found remarkable success.

Her caption read, "Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would be possible. 

Thanks for liking Live Wire! You are the air beneath my tall wind! Thank You! Yes, 

you! ,And the post after the New York Times announcement was a big win for Kelly, too.


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