"They call it the ‘Lady in Black’ for a reason" - Kyle Busch on the challenges of NASCAR Darlington race.

Darlington Raceway has been called one of the toughest oval tracks in Nascar,

 and Kyle Busch is one of the drivers who has confirmed this narration. 

Because of its difficult nature, the tracks were nicknamed "The Lady in Blacks" and "The Track Too Sound to Tame." 

Despite being one of the toughest tracks,

 Nascar has chosen it as the best track to start a playoff this weekend.

Kyle Busch will be part of the 16-Driver troops competing in the playoffs this weekend, driving the Toyota Camry No.18 for Joe Gibbs.

 Heading to South Carolina for the second time, Kyle has discussed some of the most challenging parts of Darlington.

During the interview earlier this week, Busch agreed to Darlington as a demanding song. In his statement, Kyle Bush said:

"Darlington is a difficult song. They call it 'women in black' for some reason. It seems like whether the sidewalk is outdated like now,

 it seems slippery, or if it is a new horse racing arena, the sidewalk still looks slippery.

 It's really suitable for some difficult races there. Being in the inside of a man and has a track that is only

 two lanes with cars that go around there in 170 or 180 mph, it makes it difficult for us. "

Busch also discusses the difference between regular and playoff races, quoting many that are at stake in the playoffs,

 and that the driver is unable to make one mistake. According to Joe Gibbs, the Nascar driver competed with each other a little harder in the playoffs. 

Each position is a point, and each point is calculated. With all this information in his mind, Kyle Busch is ready for the third championship.

Kyle Busch's performance while at Joe Gibbs Racing

Since joining Joe Gibbs Racing, his record on the track is very impressive, collects 12 top ten finishs, six top five, and one victory.

 However, on his last visit with the next gene, on April 17, the champion twice could not tame the track, finishing 33rd.

In racing, a driver always knows things can walk to the side. However, in the case of Kyle, he did not expect Darlington's race to end like that.

 After the accident put aside him out of the race, Kyle Busch climbed out of his engine and walked away, leaving his car in Pit Road.


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