Kyle Bush makes a sneaky 'autograph' move behind Denny Hamlin pre-race at Homestead-Miami

Kyle Busch and Denny Hamlin, two veteran NASCAR drivers who have been teammates at Gibbs Racing for 15 years. 

Both have achieved great success during their tenure in the organization. 

As well as being teammates, they both share a strong bond of friendship, 

which has been reflected in their various moves on and off the track at various times during their careers.

Last weekend at Homestead-Miami Speedway, Bush showed another side of their friendship during the 

Countdown to Green pre-race show, while Hamlin gave an interview. 

While Hamlin was answering a question, two-time Cup Series champion Bush displayed a sense of humor and love for the former in a 

spontaneous move that he unexpectedly pulled behind Hamlin's back and in front of live coverage.

Busch disappeared from the camera frame for a moment, but suddenly reappeared with his marker pen, 

where he leaned forward and signed behind Hamlin's fire suit. A few seconds after Hamlin realized 

that someone had touched his back, he turned and realized what was happening.

"Nice," said the owner of 23XI Racing with a smile, as Kyle Bush drove away, the camera disappearing from the frame.

Denny Hamlin has been a part of Joe Gibbs Racing since 2006, while Bush joined them two years later. 

Over the years, they have gone through many ups and downs together. 

The #11 driver has won all 48 of his Cup races with JGR and the #18 driver has 56 of his 60 wins with the organization. 

However, that 15-year bond ends after the 2022 season, with Bush joining Richard Childress Racing the following season.

Meanwhile, Hamlin secured a P7 finish and Busch secured a P9 finish at the Homestead-Miami Speedway race last Sunday.


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