NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski lends his No. 6 Ford to promote Elk Grove Village

You may remember when Elk Grove Village in the northwest sponsored the Bahamas Bowl as a way to promote the largest contiguous industrial park in the country.

That was in 2018. Now they're back in Elk Grove Village - this time teaming up with NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski and his #6 Ford for next season's Chicago street race downtown.

Keselowski's car will display Elk Grove Village's business slogan "Makers Wanted" for the race.

 The promotion is an alternative route to attracting business that seems to have worked for Elk Grove Village in the past.

"Lots of great initiatives here in this community that we're proud to support and watch it grow and 

flourish - it's truly amazing - the largest in North America with the Elk Grove business park," said Keselowski, "

and manufacturing is coming back to United States and it's because of communities like Elk Grove, 

and the momentum that you have and the leadership that you have from mayors like Mayor (Craig) Johnson."

The first street race of its kind in downtown Grant Park will take place just before the 4th of July holiday next year.


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