NASCAR World Reacts To Denny Hamlin's Video

It looks like Denny Hamlin is having some fun with his reputation for confrontation.

On Wednesday, Hamlin tweeted a video clip on the set of Taylor Swift's "Anti-Hero," which shows 

the 42-year-old NASCAR Cup Series competitor feuding with some of his constituents.

"Am I the problem?" Hamlin captioned the video.

Some fans absolutely loved Hamlin's post and called him out in quote-tweets.

"What if I told you Denny Hamlin had that stain?" said one.

"Off-season tweet winner," added another.

However, opinion is never unanimous, and some respondents wanted Hamlin to address what they think is problematic.

Yes. Yes you are," wrote one.

"Yeah Denny [you're] the problem, you've run into a lot of drivers," said another.

 "You'll never win a championship. You try and blame everyone except yourself."

The pairing of Hamlin's first-place finish in the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series and fifth-place finish in the standings, 

but also included an apology for an offensive tweet directed at driver Kyle Larson.


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