What kind of sprint car driven by Kyle Larson?

It's no secret that the Nascar Cup Kyle Larson Nascar Cup championship competitor is a diligent land track racer.

Elk Grove, original California, which grows races on loose surfaces,

enjoy feelings of driving a car to the limit when traction is not always optimal, and develops in such conditions.

Driver Hendrick Motorsports is often seen making him busy among

the races of the trophy in various land racing series and tracks throughout the country.

Driver #5 Hendrickcars.com Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 also collaborated with Floracing this year to introduce

big names and greater wallet values ​​for sprint car racing mid-week.

His efforts to try to make the grassroots level of oval racing more attractive to fans

and competitors have been well received so far.

Paul Silva Motorsports Inc., owned by Larson Paul Silva's friend,

Fields The White #57 Sprint Car that the ruling Nascar Cup Series champion is seen driving on the ground.

Silva Motorsports Inc. is the winner twice the winner of the 360 ​​of the Year team award.

The 60th Knoxville Nationals championship also belongs to the team, with Larson behind the wheel of the car #57.

Everything came a full circle to his childhood 30 years old when he used to race Karts Outlaw.

The #57 sprint car driven by Kyle Larson is a specialist equipment involving an open wheel chassis that runs a 410 -inch cubic methanol engine.

The engine produces around 900 horsepower.

The car must weigh at least 1400 lbs with the driver in it, according to the World of Outlaws regulations.

This car uses a torque beam suspension with a 22.5 -inch rear tire.

The typical wings seen on these cars are to produce downforce that helps them stay planted on the surface and help them turn into angle.


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