Why Ross Chastain will win the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series title

This is the third in a series of four stories examining why every driver in Championship 4 stands to win the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series championship. 

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Tuesday: Joey Logano
Wednesday: Christopher Bell
Thursday: Ross Chastain
Friday: Chase Elliott

Ross Chastain will win the 2022 championship because...

... If there was such a thing as a mojo meter, the No. 1 trackhouse race car driver would be off the charts.

Chastain's move heard around the Martinsville world electrified the sports social arena this week, 

with viral clips of his "video game moves" reaching every inch of the internet and beyond,

 including on ESPN's Landing at No. 1 on "SportsCenter" greatest plays list. Being the guy everyone's talking about; 

the guy who locked himself in the championship race in the most remarkable way possible? (Not to mention the guy whose threat is the team owner, Pitbull?)

Yes. Everyone wants to be that man.
Honestly, I'm not sure there was a spirit outside the Trackhouse Racing 

shop that saw the Ross Chastain 4 Championship as a possibility back in February when the season started. 

and it is not intended to hit them or on them; This run for a title shot, like his move to Martinsville, just wasn't easy at first.

Hesitating to call it a loser right now because Chastain & Co. is anything but right now, but here are some facts. 

The organization is in only its second year of existence, and this is the first season for Chastain's No. 1 team.

 He had started 115 Cup races before 2022, finishing in the top 10 in just nine of them, with a best finish of 20th last year.

The 2021 season was an inaugural foundation construction campaign for the track with driver Daniel Suárez. 

While he had some bright spots, he ultimately finished below Chastain, who was racing with Chip Ganassi Racing at the time, in 25th place. 

Justin Marks and Pitbull then bought the CGR assets, signed Chastain and prepared to run two cars this season. 

Sure, you can expect them to build on Year 1 and maybe bring one of the drivers into a crowded playoff field.


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