Why Ross Chastain's final lap miracle move along wall was only possible because of his brother

The white flag was in the air to mark the final lap of the NASCAR Xfinity 500 Cup Series race at Martinsville Speedway on Sunday and Ross Chastain fighting back.

 He desperately needed track conditions and had only seconds to make half a lap or lose his championship hopes.

At the time, he was the deep-field quarterback with everything resting on a Hail Mary pass, the baseball player who had to hit the plate with a home run in the ninth inning,

 the basketball player who threw the ball off the half-court and needed A whistle from the net on the buzzer.

Chastain fires up his No. 1 trackside racing Chevy and uses the exterior retaining wall like marble in a bowl, 

riding on the wall with smoke rising from the right side of his car and the fastest ever in 75-year history. speed recorded. -Old 0.526 mile short track. 

11 Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota caught up with fellow playoff driver Denny Hamlin to finish five and outscored him by a half-car to finish fourth.

The observers who spoke to their drivers on the two-way radio during that last lap did not have the words to describe what had happened.

 This move seemed unimaginable and was never done successfully in the history of the Cup Series.

Fans, members of the media and radio and television broadcasters broadcasting the race were stunned by what they saw. 

Even more surprising was that it worked, and Chastain was the new hero who defied all logic to earn a 

spot in the NASCAR Cup Series Championship Final Four this weekend at Phoenix Raceway.

As he drove his battered Chevy down the pothole road and exited his car, he was greeted by his enthusiastic and stunned crew, the disciples of a new master. 

They had witnessed a miracle right in front of his eyes which would no doubt be seen in the decades to come.

 The roar of the crowd was tremendous. A new superstar has just been installed in NASCAR.

So how did Chastain come up with such a wonderful and crazy idea?

"I think the first time I saw a race car that was in a video game, a 2005 GameCube console," Chastain said after the race. 

"I don't know if anyone else in the world did them. My brother Chad beat me up doing it so hypothetically,

 I think it was Dodge Raceway in a fake city, somewhere in Florida.


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